About Us

iJordan events and PR company, Amman, Jordan
The year 2015 represents our 15th year anniversary as the Kingdom’s first multidisciplinary Events Management Company.

Initially established in 2000 to bring first class entertainment to Jordan, we have proudly developed a reputation for holding the most memorable events in the Kingdom. Throughout the years, we’ve managed world class performers from Sting, Bryan Adams and Fairouz, to local and regional productions such as the Mutanabi Play, Hafleh A’a Ghalfeh and the Sahara Bedouin Festivals held in Little Petra.

Our attributes combine a high level of creativity with a controlled and pragmatic approach to events management. We work directly with clients ideas and preferences to deliver what is needed and when it is needed.

We believe that events are a great way to give back to the community and we strive to incorporate social responsibility into much of our work by choosing a reputable local charity to collaborate with on public events and concerts. We also help local charities and NGOs manage their events and national awareness campaigns on a sliding cost scale based on their needs.

Our sponsorship program works to secure corporate sponsorship for charitable events and campaigns helping to further reduce the financial burden on charities and NGOs.

We have initiated and partook in corporate social responsibility activities that include the Bedouin Sahara Festival (2005) which was established to preserve Bedouin music and culture. We are also active members of the Executive Committee of The National Traffic Awareness Campaign which began in 2005.

We are committed to bringing regional and international concert tours and conferences to Jordan and aim to promote a different region of the Kingdom every year in an effort to encourage local and international tourism.

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