{Op-ed} How Events and PR can create a positive reality for Jordan

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By Ruba Saqr | Director of PR | iJordan


One of the things I noticed when I came back to Jordan, one and a half years ago, was the low morale of people.

Everywhere I went, I met psychological victims of the Arab Spring; highly demoralized people who had no appetite for life, and who complained about everything from prices to services to life itself.

People don’t see themselves this way; they easily lash out at you if you attempt to explain that they are drowning themselves in an illusion. And if you dare to say life is OK, or that you can see positive things coming, you become a traitor of the cause… the cause to live life miserably, that is.

I think what most of us don’t understand is that positivity breeds positivity, and negativity breeds more negativity.

I left Jordan when a gas cylinder was half its price today, and I remember the over-dramatized reactions from people I knew about the price hike back then. Many claimed their wallets were emptied, and their lives were ruined… forever.

But these dramatic, self-pitying reactions are not true at all. The same people who once spoke on behalf of the poor (to justify their dramatic reactions) are now living in better homes, have bigger cars, and can still afford a holiday or two to Turkey, Dubai or the US.

I feel misery and negativity are a form of mental illness that has metamorphosed into a socially-accepted practice. To justify misery, those who have the bug often shoot others down if the latter attempt to be happy. The bug-carrying group often uses excuses like regional turbulence to avoid staring life in the eye.

A little bit of social hypocrisy is also involved, especially when excessive expressions of sadness are used to show solidarity with a cause. The problem with this kind of solidarity is the level of self destruction involved.

My question is: How can I help another nation, how can I save children, women and victims if I’m weak and helpless, if I believe we’re all doomed?

The answer is, if we’re weak, demoralized and unable to stand on our own feet, then we won’t be able to change the world!

This is why keeping the Events and PR industry going strong is a strategic choice for Jordan.

Recreation, creativity, ideas, events and PR products add so much color to life; they inject a doze of healthy hopefulness and cheer into mass consciousness.

I’m not talking about all types of PR, as not all PR products involve cheer and joy. However, a hefty number of clients are looking for something positive to say, as I feel they want to create a better reality for themselves and others.

This year, we have been involved in managing many “happy” events and PR and Communications products. We are about to launch a nation-wide tourism campaign that aims at making us realize we have great things to build on.

As a nation, Jordan is a unique place. We have such great things about our people and our country, and all we need to do is to start looking at the full half of the glass. This paradigm shift alone, will create wonders for our Jordan!

I leave you with the Holy Saying by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW): “Be optimistic and good shall be found.”

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